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This blog is in continuation to our previous blog on Corporate Wellness in India titled “Corporate Health & Wellness Scenario in India”. In our previous blog, we had highlighted the state of Corporate Wellness Programs in India and also discussed about the steps that Corporates need to take to create a successful wellness program. Here we will discuss about the importance of health and wellness regime and also highlight our Physio-Wellness programmes.

In today’s busy world, a corporate employee is overwhelming stressed, juggling between personal and professional life all the time. Even during vacations, we are busy either with our work or our family. And in between all these, we forget our own health and fitness completely. While we may get time to hit the gym for physical fitness but mental health which is equally important takes a toll. And, just hitting the gym alone doesn’t solve the problem. We rarely get time to relax and de-stress our mind, body and soul together. You need a holistic wellness regime that can take care of your mind and body as well. But for a typical corporate employee, whose day starts at 8 o clock in the morning and sometimes ends at 10 PM in the evening such compact fitness regimes are out of the equation.  Productivity Through Wellness (PTW) is a Corporate Wellness Program by Kainos Global, designed exclusively for corporates and business houses, keeping in mind a typical corporate employee.

Through this program, we work with corporate houses to set up Physio-Wellness centers within their premises. Corporates can avail preventive health and wellness benefits for their employees through such programs. This will keep employees healthy and also increase their productivity at work at the same time. As a first step, Kainos Global performs a Wellness Audit of the interested organisation. This helps Kainos decide the required customisations in terms of size, equipment, protocol and personnel. We then offer an effective Wellness center program to ensure that your employees remain motivated and healthy. Kainos Global has qualified equipment, expertise and personnel to help your employees get started on the wellness journey and see the results themselves. Kainos Global associates with organisations and individuals alike to deliver such programs.

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We run the PTW initiative in government organisations after signing a legal contract. We usually set up the Wellness center post liaison between the Kainos PTW Team and the respective Employee Health and Human Resources departments of Government Bodies, PSUs, Government Sector Offices, etc. A Wellness Audit of the interested institutions helps Kainos decide the required customisations in terms of size, equipment, protocol and personnel.


The PTW initiative is business-size agnostic and can be applied successfully to all possible sizes of business. We set up Physio-Wellness Centers, within the workspace of Corporates and Businesses who wish to avail preventive health and wellness benefits for their employees. We offer an effective wellness center program to ensure that your employees remain motivated and healthy.


While the Kainos Global PTW team is adept at handling preventive health and wellness programs holistically, individuals and institutions connected to healthcare can also participate in the PTW project as solution providers and partners to scale up operations and add value to the initiative.

Our value proposition lies in the fact that we provide a 360fitness evaluation to your employees, which includes not only physical fitness, but mental fitness and a balanced nutritional diet also. We keep a strict watch on your employees health and fitness without interfering their daily routine. All our health and wellness  programs are tailormade and we will first evaluate your employees’ health status before delivering any service. Your employees will receive consultation and requisite therapies absolutely FREE OF COST. In case they wish to purchase an equipment for their homes – the same is provided to them at a handsome corporate discount. Our main motto is to ensure that your employees give up their sedentary lifestyle. Along with an organisation, we also generally try to incentivise our health and wellness programs for employees. Your employees just need to relax and destress themselves while we do the rest!

All our centers are established and run under the able supervision of well trained and qualified wellness professionals. As we mentioned earlier, these centers can be created for organisations and individuals alike, irrespective of the size. You just need a 400 square feet area (minimum) to set up a Kainos Corporate Wellness center within your premises and we will take care of the rest.

Case Study: Very recently, Kainos Global has set up a Physio-Wellness center in a multi-facility, healthcare organisation called D-Care Healthcare in Delhi, India. The center serves dual purposes for the healthcare facility – it acts as a Physiotherapy center for its patients and also as a Wellness center for its employees.

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