Corporate Health & Wellness Scenario in India

Corporate health and wellness programs across the world are been reinvented and re-modeled as lot of employees today are suffering from various chronic diseases as a result of their 9 to 5 jobs. Mostly employees from IT companies who are techies spend a lot of time in the office due to the kind of work they do, and this leads to various chronic illnesses such as back pain, obesity, hypertension, stress, etc. Corporate wellness programs encourage and support a holistic well-being of employees by creating an organisational culture of health. Health and wellness programs are started by companies because employers want their employees to stay healthy and in turn they know it would improve the productivity and bottom-line. Employees also feel motivated as they need to spend less, both in terms of money and time for their well-being. If your mind and body is healthy you inevitably become happy and productive.

Like many other western countries, India too is facing an epidemic of chronic diseases and conditions like obesity, hypertension, asthma, diabetes and heart diseases. Now-a-days we get to hear a lot of young people suffering from these chronic illnesses. According to a report by Assocham, lack of robust corporate wellness programs are costing Indian organizations up to $20 billion each year. Many chronic diseases are preventable and employers need to implement a holistic approach to corporate wellness programs in an influential way to educate employees on the importance of creating healthy habits and the benefits of sticking to wellness goals. To engage employees to wellness programs, employers should expand their approach from one size fits all, to a corporate wellness program that is tailored to the individual. Although, off late organisations have started to realise that a stress-free workforce is happy and more productive than an overworked workforce that puts its health on the line yet the number is still low in India.

The problem lies in developing a robust wellness program for employees. This is what is lacking in present day Corporate India. We do have a lot of wellness programs that have been introduced by employers in urban India, mostly MNCs, but there is a lack of momentum towards creating a holistic approach for well-being of employees. Again, the Assocham study highlights that for every rupee that is spent on employee wellness, employers get a saving of Rs.132.33 as savings on absenteeism costs, and Rs. 6.62 back as reduced health care costs, which in fact is a very striking number. The research also throws light on an interesting fact that 83 per cent of respondents are willing to contribute a percentage of their salary in company sponsored wellness program.

Creating a robust wellness program in your organisation depends on your budget, individual employees, work culture and environment but we think it’s the need of the day for every organisation. It is imperative to have such a program in place which will keep your employees motivated and productive. Employers should provide incentives to individual employees who engage in such physio-wellness programs so it becomes a motivating factor for employees in general; which in turn is a win-win situation for both employer and employees.

If you are an organisation than Kainos Global has a perfect solution for you. We have exact tailor-made, customized solutions for organisations of all sizes – from a conglomerate to a small-sized organization. Productivity through Wellness (PTW) is a Corporate Wellness Program and Solution by Kainos Global for corporates and businesses of all types and sizes. Under the PTW project, Kainos Global sets up Corporate Physio-Wellness Centers, within the workspace of Corporates and Businesses who wish to avail preventive health and wellness benefits for their employees and increase their productivity at work at the same time.

Employees of a corporate house enjoying our ‘Spine Physio’ and ‘Leg & Spine’ Beds

A Wellness Audit of the interested institutions helps Kainos Global to decide on the required customisations in terms of size, equipment, protocol and personnel. Our products are imported directly from South Korea and we have a panel of internationally trained physiotherapists who can train and guide according to international standards.

To know more about our current projects, modules, solutions and protocols contact us directly at this number  +91 8383848051 or email us at .


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