Corporate Health & Wellness Programs from Kainos Global

This blog is in continuation to our previous blog on Corporate Wellness in India titled “Corporate Health & Wellness Scenario in India”. In our previous blog, we had highlighted the state of Corporate Wellness Programs in India and also discussed about the steps that Corporates need to take to create a successful wellness program. Here we will discuss about the importance of health and wellness regime and also highlight our Physio-Wellness programmes. In today’s busy world, a corporate employee is overwhelming stressed, juggling between personal and professional life all the time. Even during vacations, we are busy either with our work or our family. And in between all these, we forget our own health and fitness completely. While we may get time to hit the gym for physical fitness but mental health which is equally important takes a toll. And, just hitting the gym alone doesn’t solve the problem. We rarely get time to relax and de-stress our mind, body and soul together. You need a holistic wellness regime that can take care of your mind and body as well. But for a typical corporate employee, whose day starts at 8 o clock in the morning and sometimes ends at […]

ORZUV – Kainos Global Bangalore Center

Kainos Global has started it’s Physio-Wellness Store & Therapy Center in Whitefield, Bangalore. We’ve named the Center as “Orzuv Physio-Wellness Store & Therapy Center”. Experts and practitioners of several non-invasive healing sciences and techniques form the core thought of the Kainos Physio-Wellness Protocol. Orzuv, in Kashmiri, means ‘Wellness of the Soul’ and true to its name – the Orzuv Physio-Wellness Store & Therapy Center will offer Health & Wellness therapies and Healing practices from across the country and beyond. The therapies and healing practices on offer at Orzuv are as follows – Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Acupressure, Yoga, Oriental Thermal Healing, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Guided Meditation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Health Food, Chakra Therapy, Theta Healing, Sound Therapy, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Our Processes Assessment: We begin with a holistic assessment of the therapy-seeker’s mind, body and soul. This is done through stratified data acquisition formats which have been designed after factoring in various aspects like body types, mental & spiritual state, wellness index, pain index, lifestyle, medical condition, illnesses and ailments. Prescription: The assessment is followed by prescription of a therapy protocol, chosen from among one or more available healing methods. Usually, this prescription is delivered along with […]

Corporate Health & Wellness Scenario in India

Corporate health and wellness programs across the world are been reinvented and re-modeled as lot of employees today are suffering from various chronic diseases as a result of their 9 to 5 jobs. Mostly employees from IT companies who are techies spend a lot of time in the office due to the kind of work they do, and this leads to various chronic illnesses such as back pain, obesity, hypertension, stress, etc. Corporate wellness programs encourage and support a holistic well-being of employees by creating an organisational culture of health. Health and wellness programs are started by companies because employers want their employees to stay healthy and in turn they know it would improve the productivity and bottom-line. Employees also feel motivated as they need to spend less, both in terms of money and time for their well-being. If your mind and body is healthy you inevitably become happy and productive. Like many other western countries, India too is facing an epidemic of chronic diseases and conditions like obesity, hypertension, asthma, diabetes and heart diseases. Now-a-days we get to hear a lot of young people suffering from these chronic illnesses. According to a report by Assocham, lack of robust corporate […]

Wellness Pentagon Program from Kainos Global

We, at Kainos Global, have come up with a unique and revolutionary health and wellness program through our ‘Wellness Pentagon’ Theory. Our Health & Wellness products, which works on the theory of Wellness Pentagon brings holistic health and wellness among individuals. The “Wellness Pentagon” theory outlines the Five most important aspects of holistic health & wellness. If anyone takes care of these Five aspects in life then they will remain disease free all through their life. I will suggest that we all should all pay attention to these Five elements to remain fit and healthy, irrespective of our life style. Blood Circulation: Why is good blood circulation important for our body? The Wellness Pentagon by Kainos Global outlines blood circulation as an important element of holistic wellness and health. But did you ever think why is it so important? Blood circulation is the main carrier of oxygen to all the vital organs in our body. It is because of this that our body functions the way it is supposed to function. However, roughly around 70% of working people suffer from low blood circulation and associated diseases because of our hectic lifestyle, stress, alcohol, smoking and other associated illnesses. All these lead to very […]